The Five of Wands–what a fitting card for me to draw!  You see, today, I’m adjusting the original intent of this blog to allow me to do what I really love–use Tarot as an inspiration to think about various subjects.  That’s something I’ve neglected  in my life lately, so I’m making an adjustment!

First of all, I should mention that I base my interpretation of cards on the teaching of Gail Fairfield than on any other source.  Her wonderful book,  Every Day Tarot was a great influence on me, and so was the class I took from her way back in the late 90’s.  I also love to see what others have written about each card, and often go on a research jag when I’m choosing cards for personal contemplation…  Sometimes this contemplation is interesting, sometimes not.  For better or worse, I’ve decided to share it with whomever cares to follow this blog.

So we understand each other, I am using the Tarot as a jumping-off point for my thoughts, NOT trying to come up with the definitive meaning for a card!  So sit back, relax, and let’s just see where my cards take me!  Hopefully they will tell me something, and they may even have a message somewhere in there for you as well.

Fives are all about making adjustments.  Sometimes it’s like having to get rid of a stone in your shoe, sometimes it is moving toward something you want more than what you have, and sometimes it’s “move or die”.  In every case, though, it’s a change with intention, not just wandering around with head in the clouds.     Making an adjustment is a conscious act, not just an unthinking reaction to discomfort.

And what are we making changes to?  Our role or maybe our goal in life, no less!  Wands are great cards.  They apply to the way we and others see ourselves, and how we go on in the world.  It’s more than a career I’m talking about here.  It’s the place you “fill” in the world.  Your vocation.  What you’re here to do, and how you are doing it.  So the Five of Wands is a pretty important card!    In a reading, this card might show that the client needs to re-evaluate how they are working toward their  life goals, and make some changes.

Here, though,  my intention is to  state something true about the world, not give advice or suggest what to do.  And the truth that the Five of Wands is bringing me today is that we all are on a path that needs constant re-evaluation and change to meet our true goals.  That’s not bad or good, it just is.  As the world changes around us, we may have to adjust the path to our goals, or we will lose our way.  The more alert and ready to react to the world we are, the easier and smaller the adjustments become.

It’s not that we have to poised on the edges of our chairs, just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Nor can we be so detached from what is happening around us that we don’t notice that the traffic light has changed to red…  We can best be ready to see and make those changes by being relaxed and alert, ready to meet the new challenges and delights that the world sends us, knowing we have all the facts we need and can muster the resources we need to take that step.

Relaxed and alert?  You bet!  The more we are aware of this very minute and what is happening right now, the less baggage we carry with us into our decisions.  For example, if I’m always worried about how people think of me or what they have done to me in the past, it will potentially taint my attitude about new people in my life and what I can expect.  If I get down on myself for the things I’ve done in the past, this will also keep me from seeing all the possibilities I have to choose from in the present moment.  And If I fear the future because of what it might hold, it will blur my vision when looking at all the alternatives that are out there just waiting for me to step into them now.

This may sound like I’m advocating throwing away prior knowledge and experience.  I’m not!  What I am suggesting is that we take a step back from the heat of old experiences, and realize that much of our “knowledge” is really an emotional reaction to what really actually happened.  Whatever it is, that event just IS.  Not bad or good.  The goodness or badness is a judgment that we make based on how it felt.  In the words of Dr. Richard Moss, it is the “story” that has the emotional charge, and it’s the story that will keep you from seeing your way forward.

So relax and focus your attention broadly on the world as you go.  Notice what is around you.  Be present with it.   And when you see places that could use a little nip and tuck, don’t scold yourself or fear what will happen, just select the best move you see, and take a step.  It’s OK.  Change is inevitable.  Look calmly for it, and give your stories a break while you deal with the real world instead of your fears and grandiose images.   That’s what I’m doing here…  Now, hopefully relaxed and alert, I’m ready for the next step I need to take.  That, though is another posting!

May love be with us all!

Deb Outland

I’m excited about starting this Tarot Blog!  I have several aims for it.

First, and foremost,  this is a place where I can share my thinking about Tarot in general, and each card in particular.  I will select cards by drawing them from my deck, then after thinking about, reading about, and finally meditation on that card, I’ll write a short essay about what it means to me.  Eventually I’ll produce one of these posts for each card in the deck.  Once done, I’ll have my own personal “book of meanings”, AND a  closer understanding of each card!  Can’t beat that!

I also want to talk about specific decks as I encounter then.  I’m also interested in other people’s reactions to the decks they love.

Finally, since I’m eventually interested in creating my own deck,  I’ll be writing and posting images that I find intriguing related to specific cards.  Who knows, I may even post songs for each card!

Please, if you would like to add to any of these postings, please send in your comments!  I’m looking forward to hearing what other people think about Tarot and what I have to say about it!  Welcome!  And Namaste!