I’m excited about starting this Tarot Blog!  I have several aims for it.

First, and foremost,  this is a place where I can share my thinking about Tarot in general, and each card in particular.  I will select cards by drawing them from my deck, then after thinking about, reading about, and finally meditation on that card, I’ll write a short essay about what it means to me.  Eventually I’ll produce one of these posts for each card in the deck.  Once done, I’ll have my own personal “book of meanings”, AND a  closer understanding of each card!  Can’t beat that!

I also want to talk about specific decks as I encounter then.  I’m also interested in other people’s reactions to the decks they love.

Finally, since I’m eventually interested in creating my own deck,  I’ll be writing and posting images that I find intriguing related to specific cards.  Who knows, I may even post songs for each card!

Please, if you would like to add to any of these postings, please send in your comments!  I’m looking forward to hearing what other people think about Tarot and what I have to say about it!  Welcome!  And Namaste!